My name is Wilma Morrison and I breed Tonkinese cats and kittens based in Scotland. My prefix, which is registered with registered with the GCCF, is ‘Phabbay’ in gaelic means: ‘The Family of Morrison’

I am a small hobby breeders and have been breeding pedigree cats for over 30 years having started back in the early eighties with Siamese and then over the past 20 years have been breeding our lovely Tonkinese. 

I am committed to breeding healthy and well-adjusted kittens in support of the Tonkinese breed Club, The Tonkinese Cat Club and in accordance with the GCCF Breeding Policy & Code of Ethics.

Corrie loved showing, but he died of Lymphoma in Aug 2021. He was far too young to die and we miss him so much.

Since Corrie’s loss I have managed to bring in a new blood line and my praises go to the people who helped me to achieve this, so a huge thank you to Dr Julia Craig McFeely Tonkinese breeder of ‘Rameses’ prefix and also to Sandie Meadows Burmese breeder prefix ‘Illououra’

His name is ‘Illououra Prince Phabbay Ruari’ or commonly known as Rory. Rory is a lilac TCR Tonkinese.

Cats out on exhibition help us to support the breed and as I cannot show Ruari in the championship classes as he is a first generation Tonk , he will be shown as exhibition in most of the Scottish shows so please come and say hello to him and to me, as I will be around the show hall in the afternoons. 

Phabbay Ozzey Otto (IPGrCh ) Pet name Corrie 11.07.2014 to 14.08.2021

Personality and Temperament

Tonks have a wonderful personality being playful, intelligent, affectionate cats that thrive on human company and on other cats. They are affectionate in character, and are highly sociable cats with their most significant attraction being loyal creatures. They love sharing themselves among the whole family and tend to get on well with other pets. They are happiest with another Tonkinese for company and should not be left on their own for many hours. They are also highly communicative and are full of energy, extremely curious in nature and they love to play. Tonks are renowned for their strong will in all activities and are truly people cats so you must be able to provide them with a great deal of interaction as they demand attention from their owners.

Tonkinese have various coat patterns. There are three variations of their coat pattern:

  1. BCR (Burmese colour restriction)
  2. TCR (Tonkinese colour restriction)
  3. CPP (Tonkinese colour pattern)

They also come in a variety of colours Brown, Blue, Chocolate Fawn, Cinnamon and also can have tabby, tortie and tortie and tabby patterns.

Please see the Tonkinese Cat Club and the Tonkinese Breed Club websites for more information.