'Rameses Phabbay Charunee' (pet name Isla)

Isla is named after one of the Western Scottish Isles. Her DOB: 29.10.2020. She is as a Brown spotted tabby Tonkinese and her coat pattern is TCR.

'Ramases Phabbay Chatmanee' (pet name Jura)

Isla's litter sister Jura, is also named after one of the Western Isles. Jura is a CCP brown pointed tabby and her DOB is also 29.10.2020.

'Phabbay Stroth-Eireann' (pet name Erin)

Erin is a blue pointed (CPP Tonkinese) 31.08.20210.

'Phabbay Fionnaghuala Iona' (pet name Iona)

Iona is a blue pointed tabby (CPP Tonkinese) 31.08.20210.