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Occasionally Phabbay have Tonkinese kittens for sale to loving show and pet homes.

We have kittens available!

Isla x Ruari had 13 kittens DOB: 23 Oct. 2022 

11 survived and are now almost 5 weeks old.

Most kittens have been taken but for availability please email

Our prefix ‘Phabbay’ in gaelic means: ‘The Family of Morrison’

My name is Wilma Morrison and I have been breeding pedigree cats for over 30 years. I am very committed to breeding Tonkinese pedigree cats and my goal is to breed healthy kittens complying with the standards and breeding policy set out by The Tonkinese Breed Club, The Tonkinese Cat Club and GCCF.

About Phabbay Tonkinese Kittens

All my kittens are reared in the home as part of the family. I pride myself on breeding healthy, confident, loving kittens which are sometimes available to permanent, loving show or pet homes. Phabbay Tonkinese is an FIV/FeLV negative household. All my kittens are G.C.C.F registered on the non-active register, vaccinated, insured, protected against fleas and worms and litter trained. All kittens come with a full kitten pack and a five generation pedigree. Most importantly of all, Phabbay Tonkinese kittens come with a lifetime's support. I will always be available for any advice or help if needed.

First Steps in Booking a Kitten

On first contact for availability on our kittens, we will go through your first steps in order to secure one of our kittens. We do this by asking lots of questions on initial contact from buyers who are interested in having one of our babies, and only then will we consider putting you on our waiting list. After kittens are born we go through our list to see what colour and sex you are waiting for and hopefully at that time your choice of kitten may be available for you.

Next we to like to arrange for potential new owners to come for a visit so that you can meet us and then go on to see all of our wonderful tonks ( Sire and Dams) who own our family. Some of the older tonks are retired from the breeding scene and are now living happy, contented lives with us surrounded by loads and loads of TLC. During your first visit, you will see how well our cats are cared for, how they are raised and how good their living conditions are which by our high standards are exceptionally clean and tidy. All of our cats are kept as healthy as possible by visiting our vets for annual boosters, health checks and any other necessary vet treatments.

We only home our babies to people who agree to offer them a loving family home. We will not sell to a breeder (unless we know them) therefore all of our babies are sold as pets and are registered on the non-active list with the GCCF.
Please be aware that any Phabbay kittens must be spayed/neutered at six months and this is part of our kitten sale agreement.

We don't ship our kittens under any conditions. Usually if someone from a great distance contacts us for a tonk, we will suggest they check out breeders closer to them as there are enough people to home our kittens within a fair travelling distance from within the area where we live.
When someone comes from much further away and is willing to fly or drive a long distance to pick up one of our kittens because they are not close enough to visit on a regular basis then we may consider close contact via regular emails and telephone conversations. This allows you and us the chance to get to know one another reasonably well, long before the kitten is due to go.

*Please note that due to high demand for Tonkinese we have more inquiries for our babies than we have available kittens.

Past Litters of Tonkinese Kittens

I enjoy keeping photos of my litters of Tonkinese kittens. I think that once they leave home to live with their new families it is a shame to remove the photos from the website. Please feel free to view these photos but remember these kittens have now found homes and are not available.